Study Abroad: Tuition FREE universities in Iceland


Study Abroad: Tuition FREE universities in Iceland

Iceland, a land of awe-inspiring landscapes and rich cultural heritage, beckons aspiring scholars with a unique proposition – tuition free universities education. In this article, we’ll uncover the intricacies of pursuing higher education in Iceland, exploring the application process, benefits, and essential details for those captivated by the idea of studying in this Nordic paradise.

Benefits of Studying in Iceland

Tuition Free Universities Education

The allure of Iceland as an educational destination lies in its commitment to providing quality education without burdening students with tuition fees. This makes it an attractive option for those seeking academic excellence without the financial strain.

Family-Friendly Policies

Iceland welcomes students to bring their families along, fostering a supportive environment for academic pursuits. This family-friendly approach adds a unique dimension to the overall educational experience added to the tution free universities you benefit in.

No Age Limit for Bachelor’s Programs

Unlike many countries, Iceland imposes no age restrictions for those aspiring to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. This inclusive policy opens doors for individuals of varying ages, creating a diverse and vibrant academic community.

Work Opportunities and Salary Range

In addition to tuition-free education, students can engage in part-time work for up to 25 hours a week, offering not just academic growth but also financial independence. With a salary range of €800 to €2500, students can contribute to their living expenses while studying.

Application Process for University of Iceland

Prospective students must be mindful of the crucial dates as admission for the University of Iceland opens in December. A nominal administrative fee of $500, payable after admission, is a small investment in exchange for the opportunities that await. Proof of funds, amounting to €1456 per month for a single person and €1900 per month for couples, is a requisite for a successful application.

Expenses Involved

Understanding the financial commitments is crucial for prospective students. The breakdown of expenses includes administrative fees and proof of funds, ensuring a smooth transition into Icelandic student life.

Required Documents for Resident Permit Application

To successfully navigate the application process, applicants must gather essential documents, including

  1. an unconditional admission letter
  2. a police character certificate
  3. travel health insurance covering the entire Schengen region for 12 months
  4. an international passport
  5. passport photographs.

Key Points to Note about Studying in Iceland

Aspiring students should be aware of specific things before moving to Iceland

  1. Student work hours is 25 per week
  2. PGWP is now 3years
  3. Iceland living expenses is very high there is no minimum wage in iceland so the pay is good and negotiable
  4. iceland is very cold
  5. The Icelandic language is difficult even though a good percentage of people speaks English
  6. Iceland population is just around 320,000 but have well educated population

Application Process for Bachelor’s Program

While applying for a Bachelor’s program, prospective students may encounter additional requirements beyond a high school certificate. Some universities in Iceland may necessitate the submission of a one-year university transcript, underscoring the importance of thorough preparation.

Application Process for Master’s Program

Master’s program applicants can directly apply with a Bsc degree, and scholarships are available to further support academic pursuits.

Alternative Options

For those seeking alternative paths,  obtaining an Icelandic language diploma is another route you can follow if you wish to travel to Iceland.

List of tution free Universities in Iceland

A detailed overview of select universities, including

  1. the University of Iceland
  2. University of Akureyri
  3. Agricultural University of Iceland


In conclusion, embarking on an academic journey in Iceland offers a unique blend of educational excellence and cultural experiences. Aspiring students should take note of important deadlines, prepare necessary documents meticulously, and embrace the challenges and rewards of studying in this captivating land of fire and ice.


  1. Are tuition fees required in Icelandic universities?
    • No, Icelandic universities offer tuition-free education.
  2. What is the work limit for students in Iceland?
    • Students can work up to 25 hours per week.
  3. Is the Icelandic language a barrier for international students?
    • While challenging, a good percentage of the population speaks English.
  4. Can students with a low GPA apply for Master’s programs?
    • Yes, but applying for Bachelor’s may increase admission chances.
  5. How long is the Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) in Iceland?
    • The PGWP duration is now three years.

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